‘Colectiv’ Club Tragedy: Patriarch Daniel unhappy with criticism against the Orthodox Church. Roman Catholic Archbishop Robu: ‘We should all be ashamed’

Patriarch Daniel (photo) says there is great hostility against the Orthodox Church, which is part of an ‘order’, trying to motivate why the priests were not presented to the club’s site after the devastating fire on the night of October 30, ziare.com reports.
“Let’s pray for them, let’s show love and care and compassion for those in mourning. Often the emptiness of the soul is larger than the grave. We need more praying, there is a kind of disturbance that does not bring joy to souls. We need to pray in peace, not in disturbance and agitation,” Patriarch Daniel told the media before getting in his car, a Volkswagen Multivan.
“We help them with prayer, but also with good deeds. We share financial aid to those who are in mourning according to their needs. We do not want to do the funeral service and forget them. Parishioners should feel in the parish as in a spiritual family. We help with money, following social inquiries. The TV channels are interested only in money, but we are interested in persons,” the Patriarch said.
Patriarch Daniel continued to explain, saying that given the ordered hostility against the Church, its priests preferred not to appear in public space and to pray only inside the churches.
“During the period of national mourning, we didn’t go into the club for three reasons: It is public space, not religious and I left people to collect their thoughts. We don’t need shows or divine services, but silence. On the day of funerals, the priests held the services. In the church or at the grave is this person’s presence most intense, not where he died. When the church is not desired in the public space, even is shown hostility and hatred, we retreat into the liturgical space, as during the old persecutions. We did not want to bother the march of silence with church services. From the very beginning they had slogans hostile to the Church and then we did not want to bother them more with the presence of the priest,” said the head of the Romanian Orthodox Church (BOR).
Patriarch Daniel and BOR were heavily criticized during the past four days as the only gesture of the Church after the tragedy at the ‘Colectiv’ Club was sending a press release. BOR spokesman, Father Constantin Stoica explained on Monday that in general “the priests don’t come uninvited” and that “prayers are not made in the context of chaos and emotional situations.”

Roman Catholic Archbishop Robu: ‘We should all be ashamed’

Roman Catholic Archbishop Ioan Robu came Monday afternoon to the club, lit a candle, knelt and prayed, saying then that he asked God’s forgiveness for what happened and that we should all be ashamed, including the government, state institutions and churches.
“We pray for those who are still alive and we pray to God for the victims. I asked forgiveness from the deceased. I’ve asked forgiveness to God for us, all of us in the country, as we did nothing special to prevent this from happening, so that Romania would be different. We should all be ashamed, all the governments and state institutions and churches for not changing something in our country in 25 years and we are sorry. We must ask forgiveness from those who died and then pray,” said Ioan Robu .
“We, the churches, we have not worked enough. We have to change something in our way of thinking and then act. We accept negligence, corruption, trickery and we think they are nothings, but they can be criminal. It’s not God the one who allowed this tragedy,” the Roman Catholic Archbishop concluded.

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