Confindustria Romania, Sanitas send “Responsible Holidays” Video Message

Confindustria, the community of Italian entrepreneurs in Romania, together with the Sanitas Federation of Romania (over 100,000 members of the health system), draw attention to the danger that a misinterpretation by the population of the relaxation of restrictions during the winter holidays could contribute to a new outbreak of number of COVID-19 cases early next year.

This period without special restrictions, if approached responsibly, will be an opportunity to demonstrate to the Romanian institutions and to the whole of Europe, the level of social maturity of the population.

Christmas is the time when families meet, almost always in the presence of the elderly, parents and grandparents, who are the most vulnerable and exposed parts of the population to the virus, but the pandemic has not ended.

The industry and the large Italian investments in Romania, represented by Confindustria, as well as the Sanitas Federation of Romania, have therefore decided to differentiate themselves from traditional ways of addressing Christmas wishes, choosing to make a strong and tangible ethical and social contribution in order to protect the holidays but also for economic and productive relaunch in the new year.

The President of the Sanitas Federation of Romania, Leonard Bărăscu, stated: “We, Sanitas, as the representative trade union federation in Health and Social Work, have supported – since the first vaccine against COVID 19 – and continue to support the need for vaccination. We are in the middle of a pandemic, we seem to have overcome wave 4, but we must not be deceived by the calm period of this moment. It is true that the number of cases of infection has decreased, the number of deaths has decreased and the pressure on the health system is no longer so great. But we are aware that the virus only gives us a moment to pause and we should use it to prepare for the next wave. This Omicron strain is spreading alarmingly compared to what we had before, so it’s probably a matter of weeks. The only real solution is the vaccine. We, Sanitas, continue to support voluntary vaccination, which is why we have joined the Confindustria partners in this information process”.

The message of this social awareness campaign is conveyed through a suggestive video in which a parallel is drawn between the number of deaths in recent months and the impact of plane crashes. Specifically, 100/200/300 deaths per day, even if they are just simple numbers, can be translated into two or three plane crashes in which all passengers lose their lives. Without music, only images accompanied by a deep voice that invites each of us to a serious moral reflection.

“In Romania, the percentage of vaccinated people is very low and this also endangers the country’s economy, which must present itself, at the beginning of 2022, with a pandemic situation under control and consequently with a production capacity capable of facing the challenges in this new economic competition and the opportunities that come from PNRR. The difference this year is that we have chosen the path of utility in the expense of sympathy. Our message invites us all to a deep reflection: in these 24 months we have become accustomed to death, we have become accustomed to numbers, cold, sterile and exclusively statistical, while some families have lost their loved ones. Respecting the memory of these losses, Confindustria Romania, through this video message, tried to provide a dimension to the numerical data of the daily pandemic bulletin, allowing anyone to perceive the tragedy we live every day and which we have come not to notice anymore. How would we react if 1, 2 or 3 planes crashed on the ground every day, killing all the passengers? We all feel helpless and uncomfortable because there is nothing we can do. Today, the population of Romania, together with the whole world, is on the same plane. Vaccination is one of the most useful tools for combating the pandemic and for returning to a normal life”, said the president of Confindustria Romania, Giulio Bertola.

This topic is certainly a sensitive one, and the Italians represented by Confindustria Romania, were the first and only foreign investors, who in a courageous way, wanted to replace the Christmas wishes with an ethical and social communication, to honor the memory of those who are no longer with us.

The video message will also be broadcast in many companies throughout Romania, in order to raise awareness of hundreds of thousands of people.

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