Crime downtown Bucharest: One suspect had been released from jail based on the compensatory appeal. 634 rapists and 110 child molesters, free

Policemen have conducted extensive searches in Petricani area in Bucharest regarding the crime occurred in Constitutiei Square on Sunday. Two men are suspects in this case, which is apparently a gang related shootout among pimps. A 30-year-old-man was brutally killed, with murders cutting his throat with a sharp object.

Now, preliminary investigations show that one of the suspects had been sentenced for another crime 11 years ago and had been released from prison earlier, based on the controversial compensatory appeal law.

11 years ago, the suspect committed a similar murder, in a similar street fight among gangs, in Petricani area. He was convicted for manslaughter and he had to serve a consistent part of the jail time, but he got out of prison based on this law, after he had claimed improper prison conditions.

Asked during a TV show why the Police has not intervened in the fight on Sunday, PM Viorica Dancila provided a curious explanation, saying it was because “there is no Interior minister”.

Over 7,000 people imprisoned for serious violent deeds have been released through the compensatory appeal in the past two years.

Most of them have returned to jail after committing new crimes. 1,877 went back to penitentiaries, either for they committed new serious crimes or for being sentenced in other files.

500 of them were imprisoned again for violent crimes-thefts, manslaughter, rape.

According to a report by the Justice Ministry, 7,003 inmates have been initially imprisoned for extremely serious crimes, manslaughter, rape, theft, corruption and they are currently free: 943 criminals, 110 criminals convicted for sexual intercourse with minors, 2,300 burglars, 35 convicted for bribe, and 634 rapists.

Liberals have asked the repeal of the compensatory appeal law passed in 2017.

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