Criminal file against local police inspectorates, prosecutor’s offices in the Caracal case

The Special Section for Investigating Magistrates has opened an in-rem criminal record for abuse of office against the Prosecutor’s Office upon the Craiova Court, against DIICOT Craiova, against the Court of Appeal in Craiova and against the Olt and Dolj police inspectorates in the murder cases in Caracal.

The judiciary police officers and prosecutors of the special sections have conducted searches today at the above-mentioned institutions and seized several documents, while also kicking off hearings in this case.

On the other hand, in a first stance on the Caracal case, the General Prosecutor’s Office announced that, following check on the police and prosecutors’ intervention, it was determined that prosecutors had not forbidden policemen from entering Gheorghe Dincă’s house, but the decision to wait for 6a.m on Friday had been taken by mutual agreement.

“The prosecutors and policemen considered the raid in Gheorghe Dincă’s house was not appropriate before 6 a.m. arguing there was the risk of compromising evidence in case the suspect was not in there”, reads the General Prosecutor’s Office report.

Alexandra’s missing has been registered to the Prosecutor’s Office 5 hours after her call to 112.

Resigning Romanian Police chief Ioan Buda used to say on Friday night, when asked why the policemen had not intervened immediately after they had the information that Alexandra would have been in Gheorghe Dincă’s house, that police wanted to break in his house, but the case prosecutor did not allow the cops’ intervention until 6 a.m.

At the same time, sources quoted in the local media revealed that DIICOT Craiova is also investigating the case, and has just extended the inquiry on the charge of dereliction of office in taking over the 112 call.

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