Criminal file for Valea Uzului incidents. Interior Minister: There have been ultras on both sides

Romanian Interior minister Carmen Dan said “there have been an obvious mobilization of ultras” on both sides, Romanian and Magyar, to the incidents in Valea Uzului cemetery last week. Yet, the minister says the police force has done its job.

“I have requested a complete inquiry on what happened on June 6. My opinion is that the representatives of the police and gendarmerie have met the mission’s targets: violence between Romanians and the Magyar ethnic community has been avoided, even if there has been an obvious mobilization of ultras on both sides. Nobody has been injured or hurt. There have been no damages or arson, which could have led to tomb raiding. The only issue in question is related to breaking the cemetery’s gates and this aspect will be subject to a criminal file,” the minister told a press release.

As for the presence of Sebastian Cucos at Valea Uzului, the one who led the gendarmerie during the Diaspora protest on August 10 last year, minister Dan replied: ” forces from two counties were deployed in mission, which was not very easy in terms of risks. We are not talking about persons here, but about an institution. The mission at the Interior Ministry level was organised by the secretary of state responsible for public order”.

Judging by how this topic has evolved, even before elections, it seems obvious that groups or people have created a state of tension meant to increase some interests, exploiting the unclear legal situation”, the minister added.

On the other hand, Liberals pointed an accusing finger to Carmen Dan.

PNL senator Florin Citu wondered how it was possible that the Interior minister should be taken by surprise by the incidents in Valea Uzului, although she “used to know what was going to happen” at the previous meetings.

Maybe she will have to come again in Parliament to say if she knew or not what was going to happen in Valea Uzului, to answer honestly in the Defence Committee”, the Liberal said.

In his turn, the leader of the UDMR deputies, Korodi Attila retorted that Interior minister Carmen Dan had got wrong information about incidents in Valea Uzului and Magyar ultras. “Who have seen ultras who are quietly praying”, Korodi asked.

The UDMR MP said that the representatives of the Magyar community have protested against the illegalities of mayor in Darmanesti and have not responded to challenges, but said prayers.

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