Criticism following pro-LGBTI commercial in Bucharest

The Romanian Orthodox Church has harshly retorted after the Coalition for Family had complained about some street billboards in Bucharest featuring bisexual elderly, arguing the pro-LGBTI campaign is nor natural in an open society.

According to the Best4OlderLGBTI website, the campaign is conducted in partnership with the Rights, Equality and Citizenship Programme 2014-2020.

The “#yesforlove” campaign in Romania is represented by some billboards depicting an old woman saying “Hi, I’m Maria and I am bisexual”.

“The offensive of the public obscenity defiantly perched on street billboards is disclosing the ideologists of the galloping pansexualism in all their ideational nudity. To publicly promote, including in the sight of children with decent grandparents, some grotesque characters who are pompously coming out their bisexual orientation, as if they would tell us something essential for our mutual benefit, shows the high level of triviality of the ideological concept that is animating such actions (the Neo-Marxist progressivism  en vogue). To turn the sexuality, which is a topic of intimacy par excellence, an issue of outdoor advertising says a lot about the direction that we are invited by the current ideologists to watch and take action”, says the Romanian Patriarchy.

The Romanian Orthodox Church also said that in a major crisis of more important topics for the society in the “post-truth” era, “the strident confession of the non-heterosexual orientation in public gradually becomes a <duty>, the necessary intimacy becomes megalomania, and moral clarity becomes mandatory blindness”.

“We should also notice the recent shaped context in the Romanian society treacherously flooded by strict topics or mysterious topics that target children, youngsters or parents , which are cunningly subdued to the public debate. To question all these things, to ask for a rational excuse beyond the sophism in which they are wrapped, is turning you into, or…which is not quite natural in the <open society> of the so-called total transparency”, the BOR press release adds.

The Rights, Equality and Citizenship Programme 2014-2020 developed  by the European Union and funded by EUR 439 million, aims, among others, to promote non–discrimination and to combat racism, xenophobia, homophobia and other forms of intolerance.

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