Croissant – cabbage rolls, “Endless Column” – shaped carrots, on the menu of the EPC Summit in Moldova

The European leaders attending the summit of the European Political Community in the Republic of Moldova, were served with “traditional, reinvented dishes”.

According to the chefs, who are both from Romania and the Republic of Moldova, “only local products, which can be found on the territory of the country, were selected”, according to

They also revealed that for the appetizer there was polenta with cheese and cream, as well as cabbage rolls in the shape of a croissant. In addition to these, the guests will also receive an eggplant stew, with three main course options, and the side dish will be a carrot and a celery, which will be in the shape of Brâncuși’s “Endless Column”.

Around 2,000 participants attended the event, including 700 journalists, at Mimi Castle, a wine estate, in the village of Bulboaca, about 35 kilometers from Chisinau.

This summit, much wider than that of the European Union, to which 20 countries were invited in addition to the EU member states, a forum imagined by French President Emmanuel Macron, brings together countries with very different profiles and paths – among others Armenia, Iceland, Norway, Switzerland, Turkey, United Kingdom, Serbia, Azerbaijan. In addition to the first summit, which took place in Prague – in which 44 countries took part, in October 2022 – Andorra, Monaco and Saint-Marin are participating.

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