Danube Delta to have a mini-replica nearby Tulcea city

A midget Danube Delta is designed in Tulcea, right at the city’s exit. The mini delta, built up with EU funds of RON 47 million, is designed mainly as a research center, but also as promenade location. The 22-hectare project includes a lake taking its water from the Danube, as well as 30 islands.

The works are due to start these days and must be concluded by year-end.

“The project had to last for 36 months, but all has been delayed at the first auction, as there were several litigations,” Tulcea deputy mayor Stere Sacu told Digi 24.

Lake Zaghen, in the location where the micro delta is designed, was drained during communism, and has served as pasture area for the animals until recently. So, for now, the place is herby, full of thistles and rubbish heaps.

Yet, local authorities pledge the lake will be populated with fish for now, while hoping pelicans, sea gulls and aigrettes will come here by themselves so that experts should study them.

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