Day of Romanian Aviation and Air Forces celebrated

Romanian President and Prime Minister on Monday delivered messages on Facebook on the Day of Romanian Aviation and Air Forces.

President Klaus Iohannis said that Romanian Aviation is ready today to successfully face the challenges derived from the country’s NATO and EU membership. “The results achieved are unanimously praised and recognized. Love and devotion to this profession, as well as the steady efforts for the reforming and modernization of the Air Forces underlay the success the aviators achieved over the time,” read the President’s message.

President Iohannis also added that for the “high professionalism and remarkable results garnered in fulfilling specific missions, as a sign of appreciation,” he Oked the Minister of National Defence proposal to decorate the battle flag of the Romanian Air Force General Staff with the Order of Aviation Virtue, for servicemen, in the rank of Knight.

“I wish you all success in fulfilling the noble missions to defend the skies of our motherland and I wish you much health and happiness, and fulfillment of your aspirations! Many happy returns!” the Romanian head of state concluded.

Ceremony in Aviatorilor Square, Bucharest. Photo credit: Defence Ministry

In his turn, PM Victor Ponta said that the achievements of the Romanian aviators are appreciated all over the world and helped Romania to be a respected and reliable country.

“I want to thank Romanian aviators for their dedication, for doing their duty for the country and for our NATO allies and for keeping us safe! (…) The Romanian Air Forces are today enjoying a higher budget, modern equipment (…) I consider that next to congratulations there always must be some concrete support, “ PM Ponta stated, while telling one of this experiences as passenger of a F-16 fighting aircraft. “Since I had the opportunity last year to fly as passenger with a F-16, I positively think that Romanian pilots are among the bravest people I know,” the Romanian PM concluded.

Romanian Air Force servicemen are highly appreciated by NATO partners, the Minister of National Defence Mircea Dusa told a ceremony taking place on Sunday at the monument of Air Heroes in Bucharest on the occasion of the Day of Romanian Aviation and Air Forces.

Military ceremonies dedicated to the Day of Aviation were organized on Sunday in all the air bases in Romania, namely Bacau, Kogalniceanu, Campia Turzii, Timisoara and Bucharest.

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