Death toll rises to 30. Official: Number of deaths could double. Solidarity march with the victims downtown Bucharest

Another victim injured in the conflagration at the Colectiv Club on Friday evening has died Sunday evening. A young woman aged 26 has died at the Bagdasar Arseni Hospital in Bucharest, increasing the death toll to 30 people. According to the doctors she had severe burns on the respiratory tract.

Some 140 people are hospitalized in several hospitals in Bucharest, up to 90 of them being in critical and severe condition.

Raed Arafat: We may face about 20 more deaths in the next period

Secretary of State with the Interior Minister (MAI) Raed Arafat said on Sunday, while at the government offices, that it is still possible register about 20 more deaths in the ‘following period’ from among the people injured in the conflagration that broke out Friday night in ‘Colectiv’ Club.

“There is the risk to have deaths, having in view that a significant number of those hospitalized are in critical condition. There are 90 people in very serious condition and others in critical condition. That does not mean that we expect, God forbid, 90 deaths. Of these cases, statistically speaking, a share may be at risk of succumbing during treatment,” said the Secretary of State.

“The number of deaths could double, we might still have about 20 more deaths in the next period, it is possible, but this is a figure that is very vague, that does not mean that it will happen,” Raed Arafat said.

Two injured victims of the fire at the Colectiv Club in Bucharest died on Sunday, with death toll rising to 29, secretary of state Raed Arafat had announced earlier. One of the victims who died was a girl admitted to the Burnt Hospital, which still shelters 27 victims, with ten of them in critical condition.

Health minister Nicolae Banicioiu said that 80 to 90 percent of the victims admitted to hospitals are in serious or critical condition.

About 7,000 people attended the solidarity march

About 7,000 people have participated on Sunday in a march to commemorate the victims of the fire at ‘Colectiv’ Club, after the march they went in front of the club, joining the other 2,000 people which came to pay a last tribute to the victims.

People came to the march, answering the appeal to participate in this commemorative event, launched a day earlier on Facebook. Initially, about a thousand people arrived at the University Square, but their number increased several times on the way to the club.

Thousands of people went with candles and flowers to the tragedy’s site since Saturday morning, over 2,000 people being there Sunday afternoon before the arrival of the participants in the march.

People of all ages went silently to the site, the marchers bearing a national flag with a ribbon of mourning. ‘Heroes will not perish’ was written on the national flag.

Defence Minister Dusa says more severe legislation on functioning of public facilities is required

Minister of National Defence Mircea Dusa considers that more severe requirements must be introduced in the legislation on authorizing the functioning of public facilities.

“State bodies and Parliament must take urgent steps to change the legislation that regulates the authorization procedures, introducing tougher amendments and intensified controls, so that public food facilities, all public space facilities comply with all fire safety regulations,” Dusa said on Sunday before visiting the patients who were admitted at the “Dr. Carol Davila” Emergency Hospital following the fire that played havoc in the Bucharest Colectiv night club.

Dusa said that two planes with medical equipment and two helicopters are in stand-by, ready to take the patients to other hospitals, if necessary.

The Minister of National Defence also visited on Saturday the fire victims at the Military Hospital.



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