Defence Minister Fifor pays visit to Romanian military in Afghanistan

Defence Minister Mihai Fifor paid a visit lately to the Romanian military in the Afghanistan theatre of operations, together with the Army Chief of Staff, General Nicolae Ciuca.

“I wanted to be in Kandahar these days, together with General Nicolae Ciuca, the Army Chief of Staff, to see our military in the theatres of operations in Afghanistan. (…) I talked to them, we tasted together traditional Romanian food and discussed their needs and the Army plans for 2018, very ambitious ones from our point of view,” the Defence Minister wrote on his Facebook page.

The programme included a briefing regarding the missions, on the activities conducted by the Romanian forces in Afghanistan.

“I hope to have eased their longing for their children, for families and to have motivated them for the coming missions next year. I am grateful for everything you do!” Mihai Fifor wrote.


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