Details on the total quarantine in force in Romania: Leaving residence is banned with some exceptions. When people over 65 are allowed to go out?

In two different press conferences late on Tuesday, PM Ludovic Orban and then, the Interior minister Marcel Vela detailed on the military ordinance enforcing total quarantine issued on March 24  and announced earlier by President Klaus Iohannis amid growing restrictions to limit the spread of coronavirus.

Thus, under this new ordinance, people will be allowed to go out only to do shopping for the basic stuff, to walk the pets, go to the hospital for urgent medical tests and to go to work.

The movement of persons outside their home/household is only allowed: in professional interest, including the movement between the home/household and the place/places of conducting the professional activity and back (…), to go out for buying goods covering the basic needs for personal use  or for the household and for pets/domestic animals, as well as necessary goods for conducting the professional activity (…), for medical assistance that cannot be postponed or done remotely, for justified reasons, such as child care/company, assistance of elderly, ill or disabled persons, death of a family member and short walks, in the vicinity of the home related to the individual physical activity of persons,” Interior minister Vela said.

Also, going-out is also allowed for such actions as donating blood, for humanitarian or volunteering, for conducting agricultural activities or the movement of agricultural producers for trading agri-food products.

The minister underlined that all team sports activities are forbidden, mentioning he noticed several people playing football outside – and stressed this activity is also banned.

As for the people over 65, who are the most exposed to the novel coronavirus, they are allowed to leave their residences during 11:00hrs and 13:00hrs for shopping, medical assistance, for taking care of a minor and for the pets’ needs. There are exceptions among the elderly, too: those who are still have jobs or those who have agricultural activities.

The mention about those aged over 65 comes after President Iohannis had said earlier on Tuesday that they are not allowed to leave the house at all.

The employees who leave their houses to go to work/and to return from work must have a service card or a statement from the employer. Freelancers and the people activating as authorized physical persons must show an affidavit, which must mention the name, date of birth, the reason for movement, the date and signature. The statement can be presented also on the phone or tablet.

Flights to and from France and Germany, suspended for 14 days

All flights to and from France and Germany from all airports in Romania are suspended as of March 25 at 23:00hrs for 14 days, the Interior minister announced.

A similar measure was already in force for flights to and from Italy and Spain, countries considered from the red area due to the coronavirus pandemic.

There are few exceptions though: the flights operated by the state aircraft, cargo flights, for correspondence, the humanitarian flights or those ensuring emergency medical services.

The authorities have also announced that starting March 25, 12:00hrs all people coming to Romania from abroad will be placed under quarantine or in isolation, with no exception.

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