Diaspora rally report: Forceful intervention justified through social media messages

The report of the Gendarmerie on the Diaspora protest of August 10, 2018, recently declassified by the Interior Ministry after one year and a half since the violent intervention in Victoriei Square, has been quoted by Digi24.

One of the report’s notes is that the information received from the intelligence services did not show any risks against the national security and, despite this, the gendarmes had a forceful intervention against protesters, arguing it was justified through messages posted on social media.

More precisely, the riot police informed itself from the social media channels, Twitter, Facebook, and argued that more posts on those channels warned them that the protest was about to escalate and that’s why they justified that the police force had to take its own precautionary measures.

Documents further say that Gendarmerie had monitored the preparations of the protests since June that year.

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