Dismissals at Constanța Police after the tragedy caused by the drug addict driver on the seaside

The Ministry of the Interior announced the first conclusions of the investigations launched at 2 Mai seaside resort where on Saturday a 19-year-old boy, who had consumed three types of drugs, drove into a group of eight young people, two of them dying on the spot. Vlad Pascu was stopped by the Police on the very night of the tragedy and, although drugs were found in his car, he was let go without being tested for drug use.

A representative of the Interior Ministry told a press conference today that, based on the preliminary data, the officers of the Control Body found possible criminal acts committed by three officers. Thus, the deputy head of Constanța County Police, the head of the Constanța Traffic Police will be dismissed, as well as the head of the Mangalia Police and the head of the Vama Veche Police Bureau.

“Given that the Constant Police has 12 drug tests, it was established that the police could test the driver or take him to the hospital. The prosecutor’s office of the Constanța Court will be notified,” Eduard Ionescu said.

On Monday, the Minister of the Interior, Cătălin Predoiu, announced that he would send the Control Corps to Constanța for checks. The announcement was made then after outrageous details came to light: Vlad Pascu had been stopped by the police twice – the day before the tragedy, at a filter, and the same night. He was allowed to go even though drugs were found in his car and the car did not have valid RCA insurance.

The patrol car that stopped the young man before causing the accident found in his collection car, in a pack of cigarettes, a joint type cigarette and a foil that said Bromazepam and contained four pills. The analyzes that were done after the accident indicated that Vlad Pascu had consumed cocaine, amphetamine and methamphetamine, so other types of drugs than those found in his car.

The head of the Constanța Police, Adrian Glugă, claimed that the boy was not tested because, from the data sent by the policemen who stopped him, “the driver did not show specific signs of psychoactive substance consumption”. Instead, the boy was tested for alcohol consumption, and the result was 0.

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  • Panagiotis Spyridis

    Yes well done. Prosecute them all. This mentality of giving and receiving bribes must stop. It is criminal and we see it leads to big social problems.