Doctor Burnei gets away from house arrest, placed under judicial control

Bucharest Court of Appeal on Tuesday granted doctor Burnei’s new trial, replacing the house arrest against him with the judicial control, meaning the surgeon investigated for corruption will face legal restrictions pending trial. The ruling is final.

During judicial control, Gheorghe Burnei is banned from leaving the country without investigators’ preliminary consent. He is also banned from exerting his profession as a doctor and his job at Marie Curie Hospital.

Anti-corruption officers have seized more documents from the hospital on Tuesday.

Prosecutors had seized the doctor’s accounts and sums of money found out in his offices at Marie Curie Hospital.

Doctor Burnei would have hidden the bribe asked to the parents in false donation contracts and would have operated several children for absent affections. He and his family allegedly enjoyed trips abroad from the company that was delivering uncertified prostheses to him.

The prosecutors’ indictment says that investigators found out several sums of money in his office at Marie Curie Hospital: RON 13,343, EUR 5,000 and USD 750, suspected as originating from bribe.

Investigators claim that there are numerous testimonies of the witnesses, tapings and documents that would prove the doctors’ crimes.

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