Draft resolution: Children under 14 no longer allowed to use rented electric scooters in Bucharest

Bucharest City Hall (PMB) announces the launch in public debate of the draft decision for the approval of the Regulation on the conditions of use of self-service electric scooters rented through online platforms, on the public domain of the City of Bucharest.

Citizens can submit proposals, suggestions, opinions regarding the draft resolution subject to the decision-making transparency procedure until September 22.

The regulation applies to fleet operators of electric scooters as well as their users. According to the draft regulation, it is mandatory for the operators to have authorization which is issued following the request submitted in this regard by the operator to the Transport Directorate within the PMB.

Among the obligations are: minimum age of users of 14 years; protective helmet for drivers of electric scooters whose age is under 16 years, when moving on the road side; using only bike lanes if they exist. In the absence of tracks, the circulation of electric scooters is allowed only on the road sectors where the maximum speed allowed for the circulation of vehicles is 50 km/h; lighting of scooters with visible lighting means, reflective-fluorescent devices, effective braking system and sound warning system.

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