Drug consumption starts around the age of 10-11 in Romania. Which drug ranks first?

The average age to start taking drugs in Romania is around the age of 10-11 years old, said the representatives of the National Anti-drug Agency. They say the most consumed drug in Romania is cannabis, while the most vulnerable categories are the disadvantaged ones.

The drug consumption starts somewhere at the age of 10-11, it depends on the substance, of course, but it is earlier than at alcohol and tobacco. The most vulnerable age group is 15-24 years old. At the same time, a European study on the 16yo population reveals a prevalence of the drug consumption of about 15.6%,” said Diana Serban, service head within the National Anti-drug Agency, as quoted by Hotnews.ro.

The agency says Romanian youngsters start taking drugs from a more and more early age, which means that more and more kids start trying drugs from a very young age.

The most consumed drug in Romania among youngsters is cannabis.

Opioid drugs are mostly consumed by youngsters coming from disadvantaged, poor families. The most expensive substances, such as cocaine, prevail among youngsters coming from richer families.

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