Drunk and drugged policeman injured a woman in Caracal

A woman was hit in Caracal by a car driven by a policeman who was drunk and tested positive for two prohibited substances, according to the Olt County Police Inspectorate. Initially, a young woman claimed that she was behind the wheel, but it was discovered that the driver of the car at the time of the accident was a 21-year-old policeman, according to Gazeta Nouă.

“The police found out that, in the event, a car was involved, allegedly driven by a young woman, aged 24, from the municipality of Caracal, and a pedestrian, respectively a young woman, aged 33, from Brastavătu commune, Olt county. Following the road accident, the pedestrian required medical care, being transported to the Caracal Municipal Hospital”, IPJ Olt reported.

“Since there was a reasonable suspicion that a person other than the one initially indicated was driving the car, the police officers carried out checks, after which it was established that the car was driven by a young man, aged 21, from Caracal municipality, Olt county. He was tested with the breathalyzer, which indicated a value of 0.56 mg/l of pure alcohol in the exhaled air. At the same time, he was also tested with the drugtest machine, which indicated the presence of two psychoactive substances”, added the quoted source.

Judicial sourced told Hotnews.ro that the policeman who hit a woman with his car in Caracal had consumed cannabis and amphetamine, as well as alcohol. He is policeman in Constanta.

He was in the car with two other young people, students of the “Vasile Lascăr” School of Police Agents from Câmpina, as well as with a 24-year-old young woman, said the cited sources. Moreover, after causing the accident, the driver claimed that the 24-year-old woman was behind the wheel.

Last weekend, another drunk and drugged driver killed a woman on a street in Popești Leordeni and injured another, driving into five parked cars. The accident was captured by a surveillance camera. The drunk and drugged driver who killed a woman in Popești Leordeni is a former head of the Brigade for Combating Organized Crime.

Last month, on August 19, on DN 39, near the town of Vama Veche, a 19-year-old driver who had consumed 6 types of drugs drove into a group of eight young people who were walking on the side of the road. Roberta Marina Dragomir (20 years old) and Sebastian Andrei Olariu (21 years old), both students at the Faculty of Geography of the University of Bucharest, died on the spot. Three other youths were injured.
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