E.coli bacteria case: No evidence that illnesses of children in Arges are related to ‘Lactate Bradet’

Agriculture Minister Achim Irimescu has written on Facebook that for now there is no evidence on a connection between the E.coli contaminated cheese from Lactate Brădet company and the babies from Arges County who died or are sick and , but says he had chosen to make public the name of the company to prevent other illnesses. “I hope the producer was not seriously damaged, but I might have saved the life of some children, and that gives me moral calmness. If other children have been affected, I would have blamed I hid the manufacturer’s brand,”’ Irimescu wrote on Facebook.
But children in Arges were ill since early February, and according to information, there was no evidence that the babies had eaten cheese from that company. Moreover, the sanitary authority was saying a week ago that there were no problems at the manufacturers.
Vice-president of the Arges County Council, Dorin Mărăşoiu, says the Minister of Agriculture Achim Irimescu’s statements are irresponsible – made on Monday about the E.Coli infection of the products produced by Lactate Brădet and noted that the statements were made without a thorough check.
“It is incredible that the Minister of Agriculture, a minister who worked for the European Union, comes without having a thorough check up, without having an investigation concluded, and gives the brand of a company with Romanian capital. That company has a factory built with European funds, it is an European investment which needs to conduct the business for five years. Under these conditions, with such nonsense released to the public (…) the man has no chance to continue the business. Who pays for the European funds? It’s an irresponsible statement of the Minister,” said Dorin Mărăşoiu.
The Agriculture Minister was harshly criticised after making public the name of dairy products Lactate Brated, as the firm risks going bankrupt without real grounds.

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