Earth Day 2021: Verdoo launches the browser extension that pays for carbon emissions 

The Romanian start-up Verdoo has announced the launch of their browser extension that uses part of the proceeds from online shopping to pay environmental organizations which plant trees.

Compensating for carbon dioxide emissions is gradually becoming a priority for many developed countries. Recent surveys show that Romanians are following the same trend.

How does it work?

Verdoo is a free browser extension that partners with online stores and offers discounts to registered stores for their users. Verdoo users pay less for their desired products, and part of the money spent on their purchase is transferred to reforestation projects. The trees planted through this process are registered in the Verdoo users’ accounts, allowing users to track their positive environmental impact. Verdoo will also reward registered users for referring new users with bonus planting funds.

Romanians are ready to fight against climate change

The COVID-19 pandemic has made Romanians more aware of the importance of protecting the environment: 52% of the Romanians who participated in a survey by Verdoo have declared that they are more aware of the impact of climate change now than before the pandemic. Millennials have proven to be the most responsible group, as 59% of the respondents from this age category confirmed that the new travel restrictions have made them more aware of the danger brought by climate change.

“The effects of climate change have become more visible in recent years, and the COVID-19 pandemic has reminded us about the role of nature in each of our lives. Data show us clearly that more Romanians have become increasingly concerned with the idea of offering future generations clean air and a sustainable lifestyle. The Verdoo team fights for the same purpose by simplifying the investments we make for our shared future and by finding efficient ways to infuse ecological action into our everyday activities,” says Mircea Giurca, the young entrepreneur who started Verdoo.

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