EC Oks payment cut-offs lift, Romania to get EUR 480m

The European Commission decided to lift the payment cut-offs for Romanian on the Sectorial Operational Programme Human Resources Development 2007-2013, so that our country will receive around EUR 480m in about two weeks, minister of European Funds, Marius Nica said on Wednesday. The sums had been blocked following EC’s decision to cut the payments off.

“We are expecting a decision on the lifting of the payments’ cut-offs around September 15,” Nica told a press conference at the Gov’t HQs.

On the other hand, the minister said that Romania has all chances to reach a 70 percent absorption rate on EU funds.

“After settling the payment cut-offs, the available sums at this moment reveal a 62 % absorption rate. Romania has all chances to reach the 70 percentage by December. We are depending a lot on the upcoming invoices. As you well know, the beneficiaries must pay even on the last day of December, but invoices can be processed in January, February or in March next year,” Nica explained.

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