Dino Parc Râșnov offers free access to students during Săptămâna „Școala Altfel” and „Săptămâna Verde” educational programs

From March to May 2023, Dino Parc Râșnov, the largest dinosaur park in South-East Europe and open-air museum, offers Romanian schools and kindergartens the opportunity to visit the dinosaur park in Râșnov free of charge together with children passionate about dinosaurs and natural sciences, in organized groups, as part of Săptămâna Școala Altfel and Săptămâna Verde educational programs.

After signing a partnership with the School Inspectorate of Bucharest in this regard, Dino Parc Rasnov extends the invitation to all educational institutions in the country.


Dino Parc Râșnov gives free access to schools and kindergartens in the country to:

  • a 4-hectare trail in the forest with over 120 life-size dinosaurs based on the latest palaeontological discoveries
  • national and international unique scientific exhibitions in Romania
  • the main species of trees and shrubs described for everyone to understand
  • a terrarium with live reptiles
  • an area dedicated to the dinosaurs that lived in Romania, in Tara Hațegului – for the first time reconstructed in life size at Dino Parc Râșnov
  • a volcano simulating a natural eruption and an earthquake platform illustrating three different types of earthquakes
  • an open-air amphitheater with a large screen where teachers can connect and give lessons
  • group or individual, personalised photos and other fun and educational games and activities

Since the opening of the dinosaur park, our goal has been to combine education with fun in a pleasant way, both for families who pass through our doors and for organized groups of children and teachers. We want Dino Parc Râșnov to become a strategic partner in educating new generations of schoolchildren and pre-schoolers. The most appropriate way is to provide them with all the knowledge of paleontology, natural sciences, and environmental awareness that we have acquired over time, as well as a wonderful outdoor space where the little ones can explore nature at their leisure“, said Adrian Apostu, manager of Dino Parc Râșnov.

In the scientific exhibitions available at Dino Parc Rasnov, students can see:

  • a fragment of a meteorite that fell in Romania
  • an original nest of dinosaur eggs discovered in Tara Hațegului, over 60 million years old
  • life-size scientific reconstructions of feathered dinosaurs, the direct ancestors of present-day birds
  • the most impressive of dinosaurs:
  • Hatzegopteryx thambema, the largest flying animal that ever lived, discovered in Romania and reconstructed in life-size by Dino Parc Râșnov;
  • Seismosaurus, the giant herbivorous dinosaur measuring 45 meters long;
  • Diplodocus, which could stand on its back legs 11 meters above the Earth to reach the tallest trees;

All exhibitions and exhibits in Dino Parc Rasnov are realized in partnership with the Grigore Antipa National Museum of Natural History, the University of Bucharest, the Romanian Geological Institute, the National Szekler Museum, the County Museum of History Brasov and private local and international partners.

At the same time, Dino Parc Râșnov provides teachers and students with a series of other benefits at an extra cost, which can be requested at the time of booking: guided tours about dinosaurs, guided tours with a dendrologist to present and recognize the species of trees and shrubs in the Dino Parc forest, an adventure trail and zip line, laser maze, Dino Hunt activity on an interactive trail, and the Olimpiada Dinozaurilor activity – a series of questions about dinosaurs, in the form of an educational game, which children must answer after completing the walk in the park to receive a badge and a paleontologist diploma.

Appointments can be made by contacting the representatives of Dino Parc Râșnov directly on 0741.208.703 or by e-mail: info@dinoparc.ro.

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