Education Ministry proposes: Detention room in schools for students who disturb the classes

Students who disturb the classes will be able to be taken to another classroom under the supervision of a teacher, the so called detention room, who can give them various activities, such as additional reading or completing worksheets, according to the Student Status, put up for public debate on the website Ministry of Education. It is also forbidden to use mobile phones during classes, otherwise they will be confiscated and then returned to the parents on the same day, according to the same document.

The Ministry of Education launched in public consultation, on Wednesday, two projects – the Regulation on the organization and operation of pre-university education units (ROFUIP) and the Student Statute.

In the Student Statute, the main regulations or changes aim to maintain the ban on the use of mobile phones or other electronic communication equipment by students during class hours, except for their use for educational purposes, with the consent of the teaching staff. Article 15 provides that “non-compliance with these provisions may lead to the equipment being taken over by the staff of the educational unit in order to return it at the end of the course hours of that day, mandatorily, to the parents/legal guardians of the minor primary beneficiaries or to the adult students, as the case may be, according to the internal regulation of the educational unit.

“In the case of students who during the lesson show behaviors that harm the teaching-learning-evaluation activity, the teaching staff can decide that they carry out activities in the school, during the respective lesson, under the supervision of a teaching staff or a teaching staff auxiliary, in a room in the educational unit established for carrying out, as a rule, some activities of the type: additional reading, completing worksheets, etc. In this case, the parent/guardian/legal representative will be informed in writing the student”, it is stated in the Student Statute, put up for public debate.

Sanctions are also introduced such as individual observation, written reprimand, temporary withdrawal or for the duration of the entire school year of the student’s scholarships, disciplinary transfer to a parallel class in the same educational unit, suspension of the student for a limited period of time, according to of the law, notice of expulsion, expulsion with the right to re-enroll in the following school year in the same educational unit, expulsion with the right to re-enroll in the following school year in another educational unit, expulsion without the right to re-enroll for post-secondary education students.

According to a provision, in the director’s positions left vacant, the management is provided by a teaching staff appointed by the decision of the general school inspector after consulting the teacher’s council of the educational unit. The ban is introduced for teaching staff in pre-university education to carry out additional training activities for a fee with students from the classes to which they are assigned.

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