Faculty of Journalism and Communication Sciences relaunches its brand image

The Faculty of Journalism and Communication Sciences (FJSC) of the University of Bucharest completes an extensive rebranding project and launches today a new visual image, in collaboration with WOPA communication group. This is a first in terms of modern institutional rebranding: FJSC is the first public higher education institution in Romania to relaunch its image, in line with the expectations and behavior of the new generations of students and professors.

Thus, FJSC will use a new logo starting Thursday, 16 March 2023, which benefits from a contemporary design and illustrates the defining aspects of the prestigious educational institution: creativity, clarity and communication transparency. The colors spectrum used in its design, as well as the physical and digital communication elements, is a contemporary one, inspired by the digital platforms, to encourage students connect with the educational institution.

Also, the new FJSC website is designed as a platform for interactivity with users, following models from leading international educational institutions. With a dual target audience – both existing students in constant need of up-to-date academic information during their studies and future bachelor or master students, high school students or graduates of other educational institutions – the website and the entire online experience with FJSC platforms can influence career decisions for the future. The new website’s approach was redesigned to facilitate access and user experience and the goal was to implement a considerable amount of information that could be accessed extremely easily. It can be found at: https://fjsc.unibuc.ro/

More than 55% of our graduates work in the field they studied in college: Advertising, Communication and Public Relations or Journalism. FJSC graduates are the journalists of the future or the future communication strategists and influencers of Romanian business – their decisions and work have a major influence both in large multinationals and local entrepreneurial companies. We are proud to pioneer what we consider to be the first major rebranding project in the Romanian institutional education system. For a modern education in journalism and communication, the new identity expresses the faculty’s alignment to technological challenges and the impact of the digital revolution,” says Professor Antonio Momoc, Dean of the Faculty of Journalism and Communication Sciences.

“The new website and visual identity is a complex project in which WOPA Communication Group’s strategic and creative partners came up with solutions that meet the communication needs of the FJSC. I congratulate the agency for the openness with which we collaborated, for the creative proposals and the exemplary way in which they implemented pro bono the technical proposals coming from the beneficiary, as well as the expectations collected over the past years from the communication professors in our faculty”, Dan Podaru, FJSC pro-dean, highlights.

The new FJSC visual identity was launched on Thursday 16 March. The communication sector has seen significant growth in recent years, in the context of accelerating foreign investment and the need for trained specialists in this segment. In 2022 alone, investments in the local advertising segment exceeded 600 million euros, according to industry data.

The Faculty of Journalism and Communication Sciences of the University of Bucharest is the first faculty of journalism established after 1989, by Government Decision no. 55 of 19.01.1990, and since its establishment it has been training students in three specializations at undergraduate level: Journalism, Advertising, Communication and Public Relations.

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