General strike in schools still on, despite talks with the Gov’t, trade union leaders say

FSLI (an education trade union) president, Simion Hancescu, said on Sunday, before the consultations organized by the government with the education unions, that the announced general strike will take place on Monday, May 22, no matter what.

The leaders of the two major trade union federations in pre-university education, Simion Hăncescu and Marius Nistor, claim that the governors are responsible for the situation in which the education system finds itself. “The offer will reach the people. People are the ones who decide. We can’t make a decision today,” said Hăncescu.

He stated that no one will accept that the Government only approves an increase in the salaries of the beginning teachers, and the incomes of the other teaching staff stagnate. The trade unions support the idea that the Government should take into account the salary increase of those with seniority in the system.

No one accepts to give this increase to a beginner and to give three lei to those who have a long seniority. We are not going into the percentages now, we are waiting to see what the government comes up with, we might be surprised to be told that it is not possible. Tomorrow’s strike will take place. The strike is not ours, it is the people’s, they signed for the strike, they decide whether or not to continue the strike,” said the FSLI leader.

In his turn, the president of the Education Federation “Spiru Haret”, Marius Nistor, who also participates, on Sunday, in the discussions with the Government, states that the strike is not “on a natural person”, of the union leaders. He is skeptical that a decision to abandon the strike can be made by Monday.

“It’s the same procedure: it’s not a strike by an individual, it’s not a strike that the union leaders started, it’s a strike started on the basis of a referendum in which employees from education participated, not only union members. Based on the offer that will come from the Government, if they consider it credible, by signing, they will decide whether to give up this form of protest or whether to continue it“, said Marius Nistor.

He says that it is not about blackmail on the part of the teachers, but “the blackmail is on the part of the governors” who have been informed since December that there will be a protest action in education.

Now they have the nerve to blame the education employees for the fact that this strike will start? Not! The responsibility rests entirely with them. On the other hand, this policy of dividing, of raising parents and students against teachers, is a policy that cannot be accepted under any form. Through this kind of practices, they actually brought education to the situation it is in at the moment”, says Nistor.

The president of the “Spiru Haret” Federation of Education Trade Unions claims that the trade union actions are not planned according to the Government’s program, after messages appeared, according to which the teachers’ strike is taking place during this period, when the government rotation is coming up.

Marius Nistor recalls that a protest rally of employees from the education system took place recently, but that government officials did not pay attention to the demands of the protesters at that time. “They didn’t bother at all, the priorities were different. So the responsibility rests entirely on them. It is not our fault that it has come to this. They had numerous signals. Messages like that just now, just when the government changes… Well, don’t worry, the trade union actions are not planned by our colleagues according to the Government’s schedule. Or we can’t go on the idea that we would be responsible, sorry, if we strike on Saturday, Sunday, if possible, on holidays, or if our protest actions are oriented somewhere in the parks, on the outskirts, not to disturb anyone ! It seems that then everything would be fine, we, the teachers, would once again become responsible parents and they would have an extraordinary appreciation for us. Let’s be reasonable!”, said Marius Nistor, on Sunday, on B1 TV.

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