PISA 2022 results: Romanian students, among the worst results on creative thinking

According to the latest PISA 2022 results released on Tuesday, Romanian students scored 26 points in creative thinking, placing higher than only students from Moldova, Cyprus, Bulgaria, North Macedonia, and Albania. This is below the OECD average score of 33 points.

In the category of “creative thinking,” students from Romania achieved a score equivalent to that of students from Colombia and Jamaica.

According to the same results on Tuesday, Romania also leads in the disparity between students in disadvantaged schools and those in advantaged backgrounds within the country, each scoring 19 points. Bulgaria shares the same position with Romania, followed by Hungary, Slovakia, and Jamaica.

Additionally, the PISA 2022 findings reveal that 58% of students reached at least basic competence in creative thinking (Level 3). However, only 14% of Romanian students performed at high levels (Level 5 or 6) in this area.

“In Romania, 58% of students reach at least level 3 competence, considered basic for creative thinking, i.e. they can at least generate appropriate ideas in the context of expressive tasks or solving simple or moderate problems from the point of view of complexity , and begin to demonstrate the ability to generate original ideas or solutions in familiar contexts. Of these, 14% are at levels 5 or 6 of competence in creative thinking (top performance), i.e. they can generate, evaluate and improve creative ideas within diverse and complex tasks, including tasks that involve designing abstract solutions or reporting to the scenarios of unfamiliar scientific and social problems or characterized by certain constraints”, says the Ministry of Education.

The results show that 85% of Romanian students declare that they want to know how things work, 76% want to understand why people behave the way they do, and 62% complete their tasks, even when they become more more difficult than they initially thought. Similar to the situation in the other participating countries/economies, in Romania girls proved higher creative thinking skills compared to boys, their results being higher by 2.1 points.

These proficiency levels indicate students’ ability to generate, evaluate, and enhance creative ideas across various complex tasks, including abstract problem-solving and addressing unfamiliar or constrained scientific and social challenges.

Romania scored low overall in the PISA 2022 tests, when they were released in December 2023.

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