Romanian International Students Rank Among Top Ten Nationalities in Spain

The latest data from reveals that Romanians secured the seventh position among the top ten nationalities with the highest number of international students in Spain, totaling 8,919 students in the academic year 2021/22.

Top 10 countries for the same academic year:

1. Italy – 22,688 students

2. France – 19,519 students

3. Colombia – 19,351 students

4. Ecuador – 17,854 students

5. China – 12,854 students

6. Germany – 10,063 students

7. Romania – 8,919 students

8. US – 7,717 students

9. Morocco – 7,556 students

10. Peru – 7,377 students

Additionally, the total of Romanian students in Spain has consistently increased over the years:

– 2018/19: 7,995 Romanian students

– 2019/20: 8,350 Romanian students

– 2020/21: 8,610 Romanian students

– 2021/22: 8,919 Romanian students

In the diverse academic terrain of Spain, a significant number of international students, including those from Romania, express interest in disciplines such as Engineering, Management and Administration, Languages, Humanities, Law, and Health Sciences.

Current statistics highlight a notable presence of female international students in Spanish universities, totaling 121,800, compared to 86,566 male counterparts pursuing higher education. 

Spain holds one of the top spots in global popularity among international students, offering a blend of quality education, hands-on experiential opportunities, and enticing features like English-taught programs, picturesque outdoors, Spanish language learning, renowned cuisine, and cost-effective living. With ample sunshine and a diverse international student community, Spain stands out as an optimal destination for those seeking knowledge and global connections.” – said Alma Miftari, a spokeswoman from

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