Schools remain closed in Bucharest for another 14 days as infection rate gets near 4 per 1,000 inhabitants

The Municipal Committee for Emergency Situations in Bucharest has unanimously decided to keep restrictions in force for another 14 days, meaning that schools remain closed for the upcoming 2 weeks, with online classes in place.

The coronavirus infection rate stands at 3.91 per 1,000 inhabitants in the Capital on Monday from 3.79/1,000 inhabitants on Sunday.

Restaurants, cafes, theatres and cinema halls also remain closed in Bucharest.

The restrictions currently in place are maintained. New restrictions are not opportune. The measures will remain in force till November 16. As for the schools, the only natural decision is for them to continue online”, the Bucharest prefect Traian Berbeceanu said.

The Bucharest prefect also said that the public institutions had not respected the schedule to work in rotation, in shifts, so this prompted overcrowded subway stations. He announced that the employees of the Bucharest Prefect’s Office will work in two shifts as of tomorrow, November 3.

Berbeceanu also warned that after 10 p.m. in Bucharest youngsters are meeting “to throw real parties in parks”.

“I asked that every district city hall to present a situation of the markets as soon as possible, with an elaborate plan, with circuit access”, he added.

Later on OM Ludovic Orban said though that additional measures, like closing parks during the night, might be adopted.


In his turn, Bucharest general mayor Nicusor Dan said that the district mayors had pledged to delay the working hours in all institutions under their authorities.

Dan also announced that they are identifying the hotels willing to welcome people who must stay under quarantine. “It’s possible we’ll face a wave of Romanians returning from the countries where restrictions have been enforced and we must have places to quarantine them”, the mayor explained.

Both him and the prefect mentioned that a potential decision to quarantine certain streets in Bucharest is just hypothetical for now.

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