The new school year to start on September 13, with a physical presence

The school will start on September 13 with a physical presence for all students, without operating scenarios, says the Minister of Education, Sorin Cîmpeanu.

“Based on the information I have within my competence, based on my knowledge of the conditions in the schools, in which the sanitary rules were observed more rigorously than in any other places, except the sanitary units, based on the high level of vaccination among the education staff, based on the actions we have in mind to support the importance and need for vaccination, I am very clear in favor of opening up with a physical presence for all students without operating scenarios. I have the right to voice this optimism, yet taking into account any other versions that will derive from the epidemiological evolution “, said Sorin Cîmpeanu.

Although he voiced against the concept of compulsory vaccination, the minister added that it is likely that, in the future, medical offices in schools will be transformed into vaccination centers.

“Although I deeply and firmly support the importance of vaccination and the benefits of vaccination as the only gesture that can help us end this pandemic, I am not a supporter of the obligation. I support the importance of testing in schools, at least in cases where symptoms occur. In these situations, the state is the one who is compelled to proceed with the testing through the public healthcare offices and not the employee who has symptoms,” said Cîmpeanu.

The National Council of Students asked on Tuesday the Romanian authorities to announce, by the end of August, how the new school year will start on September 13th.

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