Top 7 Scholarships for Romanian Students

While there are some top-quality universities in Romania, some students want to see and experience what it’s like to study in a foreign country. An academic writing expert Joan Young, from AdvancedWriters – essay writer service, summed it up perfectly when she said “Romanian students choose to study for a scholarship abroad because it opens the door to many opportunities, new experiences and a chance to get a top-quality education that isn’t found in their native country”. This article by Advanced Writers will look at seven amazing scholarships that are available across the world for Romanian students.

Ph.D. Positions In Social Data Science (Denmark)

This is a great scholarship that is not only open to Romanian students but to those from all over the world as well. Romanian students attending this program will study data science at the University of Copenhagen which is one of the top educational institutions in Denmark. Successful students can expect a very wonderful salary package and to qualify, one has to meet set criteria. The criteria include

  • Experience working in a research environment in both teams and individual settings
  • Show strong academic performances from schools attended
  • Must have some knowledge in econometric methods and machine learning

The application process is very easy and all students have to do is fill out an online application form. With it, they are also required to send various supporting documents which include a cover letter which shows intend to study and background, CV, present ideas of projects, and transcripts of qualifications. Additionally, students are also required to show evidence of a strong command of the English language (IELTS or TOEFL) and meet all entry requirements.

Meiji University Special Grant For International Students In Japan

This is also open to international students and allows students to study a field of their choosing at the prestigious Meiji University in Japan. The major benefit of this scholarship is students will have 50% or 100% of their tuition fee covered. To get accepted for this scholarship, all a student has to do is just apply or already be enrolled at the university. The application process can be done online and students must fill a form and send over two letters of recommendation, transcripts, CV, motivational letter, personal statement of purpose IELTS or TOEFL and meet administration requirements.

Marymount Manhattan College International Presidential Scholarships in the USA

This scholarship is open to everyone and allows students to study undergraduate programs in any subject or field they want that is taught at Marymount Manhattan College. Successful candidates are given $18,000 per year and must meet the following criteria

  • Good academic record together
  • High school certificates

Just like the other two scholarships, applications can be done online and students are required to provide supporting documents. These documents include IELTS, a copy of a passport, CV, transcripts, and meet all entry requirements.

New Zealand International Student Grant 2021 – Victoria University Of Wellington

Romanian students who want to study an undergraduate or postgraduate program at Victoria University Of Wellington can apply for this scholarship. Students will receive a NZ$10,000 grant over 2 years which equates to NZ$5,000 a year. The grant is only paid when a student meets the enrollment criteria. They must be in New Zealand and must be enrolling for a full-time postgraduate or undergraduate program at the Victoria University Of Wellington in Trimester 1 or 2, 2021 for the first time. This scholarship is not for students who are enrolled in a pre-degree course at the university; however, those that have completed this course can apply. The criteria a student must meet to get this scholarship includes

  • A student has to be applying for either a postgraduate or undergraduate program at the Victoria University Of Wellington
  • Those applying on this scholarship must be in New Zealand first and foremost but also be studying at Victoria University Of Wellington on campus. Students who are doing online study are not eligible for this scholarship.
  • The person making the application has to be a new student
  • Those with postgraduate certificates, PhDs, and other forms of graduate certificates are not eligible for this scholarship.

Students can apply by contacting the Victoria University Of Wellington directly via phone, email, or fill in the form online.

Boustany Foundation Grants For International Students In Singapore

Open to Romanian, domestic and international students, this scholarship allows students to choose from master level and Ph.D. programs in philosophy, Astronomy, and business taught at Yale-NUS college. Yale-NUS College is one of the most highly rated educational institutes of liberal arts in Singapore. It is under the national university of Singapore umbrella and caters to students who enjoy learning about public health, policy, and the environment. Students who apply for this course can use the university portal together with a receipt for the application fee, CV with a picture, acceptance letter, transcripts, two letters of recommendation and meet administration requirements.

Ph.D. Studentships In New Zealand Waikato University

This scholarship program at the University of Waikato is for students who are interested in Science. The whole program is fully funded with $27,500 being given to a student per year over three years.  To be eligible for this course a student must have a master’s in science-related disciplines, laboratory analytical skills, experience in cold regions, good command of English (IELTS), and the ability to work in harsh conditions.

Raffles Faculty International Awards In Malaysia 2021

This scholarship allows students to study any subject they please at Raffles University Malaysia. Some of the subjects include the faculty of arts and design, the faculty of AI, and Robotics. faculty of business, Faculty of Social sciences, and more. 50% of the tuition fee is covered by the university and applicants can be International or Malaysian. To qualify, a student must send proof they have a good command of the English language (IELTS), transcripts, health declaration form, passport-sized photos, and a design portfolio.

Final Thoughts

Over the last 10 years, many Romanian students have enrolled in universities outside their native country. While Europe is a favorite destination for many, some have opted to look for scholarships in some of the Asian countries just to experience something different. Many go abroad because they like the infrastructure, facilities, library, and the passion that the tutors have when they speak about their specialist subject.

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