Top Universities in Germany Without German Language Requirements for Romanian Students

For several years now, Germany has consistently ranked among the top ten most attractive destinations for international students, boasting a substantial population of 440,564 students from around the world, as reported by

In the previous academic year, a significant number of 2,830 young Romanian students pursued their education in Germany.

Germany, in many aspects, epitomizes the ideal destination for international students. It offers high-quality education, no tuition fees, a wide range of programs, a strong economy, scholarship opportunities, work opportunities, language diversity, research opportunities, and so much more other qualities.

Naturally, the number one question for international students is, if I study in another country without knowing the language, no lie German is a very taught language to learn, isn’t it?

German, it must be admitted, is a language that requires dedicated effort to master.

However, has suggested these universities that offer English language programs, to make it easier for students.

University of Freiburg: Have a range of English-taught Master’s programs in various fields.

Humboldt University of Berlin: Offers several English-taught Master’s programs.

Technical University of Munich: Provides some Master’s programs in English.

University of Göttingen: Has English-taught Master’s programs in disciplines like agricultural sciences, economics, and more.

University of Mannheim: Offered English-taught programs in business and economics.

University of Stuttgart: Had a few Master’s programs in English, particularly in engineering and related fields.

University of Hamburg: They have a range of Master’s programs in English, especially in fields like economics, politics, and international studies.

University of Bonn: Offered English-taught Master’s programs in various subjects, including economics, geography, and life sciences.

Frankfurt School of Finance & Management: A private business school in Frankfurt offering English-taught Master’s programs in finance and management.

RWTH Aachen University: Known for its engineering programs, including English-taught Master’s programs.

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