UNITECH Foundation Launch: Cluj-Napoca Technical University’s Innovation & Entrepreneurship Hub

The Technical University of Cluj-Napoca announces the launch of the UNITECH Foundation, an innovation and entrepreneurship center, which will strengthen the collaboration between the university environment and the business sector, researchers, students and professionals from various fields.
The main objective of the foundation is to contribute to the development of an ecosystem that connects people, ideas and opportunities in order to create solid and future-oriented partnerships. Through its activity, the UNITECH Foundation aims to create a safe and open environment both for the promotion of local entrepreneurial initiatives and approaches, and for a close collaboration between the public administration, teachers and students of the Technical University of Cluj-Napoca.
“Establishing the UNITECH Foundation has long been an aspiration, now a reality, when the social, academic and economic conditions have created the right framework for this evolution. UNITECH is designed as a dynamic and innovative “House of the Future” capable of capitalizing on the opportunities and potential of the Technical University of Cluj-Napoca. The foundation opens the premises by which a bridge is created between the university and the business environment so that students and researchers can develop and capitalize on their full creative potential”, said Prof. Dr. Ing. Daniela Popescu, UTC-N Vice-Rector.
“The UNITECH Cluj Foundation’s long-term plans focus on consolidating an innovative and sustainable ecosystem in which education, research and entrepreneurship strengthen each other. I am enthusiastic about the transformational potential that the UNITECH Cluj Foundation has for the academic and business community in Cluj and the region. The idea of strengthening and deepening the links between the university and the business sector, while encouraging the entrepreneurial spirit among students and researchers, is one of the factors that motivates me”, says Alexandru Lazarec, UNITECH Foundation Director.
Through this hub, the Unitech Foundation aims to support scientific conferences and support the professional development of university researchers, including by financing participation in congresses and training programs. Also, the foundation wants to capitalize on collaboration between the university and the private sector, to stimulate the entrepreneurial spirit among students and to develop the ALUMNI community
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