Where and what do young Romanians want to study abroad? 

FINS, a non-banking financial institution offering study loans to young people who want to study in Europe, Great Britain, Switzerland or Romania, analyzed their preferences when it comes to study destinations in Europe. According to FINS, 60% of young people who applied for a loan want to study for their Bachelor’s degree in The Netherlands. Countries such as Great Britain, Germany, Belgium and Denmark are also top preferences.

Regarding their Master’s degrees, 20% of people who apply for a FINS loan choose Great Britain. Students also go to The Netherlands, Ireland, Belgium and Italy. Another 20% of the loan applications are for studies in Germany, Denmark, France, Spain, Switzerland, Sweden and Portugal.

Most young people are looking for Bachelor’s or Master’s degrees in engineering, be it aeronautical, mechanical or biomedical, but also business, choosing management, economics or marketing. The preferences top is completed by IT & others, from game design to data science, but young people also choose more artistic domains such as applied arts (fashion, animation, film making) or architecture and interior design. There is also a growing interest in medicine, one of the most competitive areas, as well as international relations.

According to FINS data, most of the young people who applied for a study loan are Romanians and Greeks, joined by students from Estonia, Lithuania, France, Poland, Italy, Hungary and Latvia.

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