Electronic micro rock drill to detect rocks’ age in Romania

An electronic micro rock drill worth EUR 1 M, unique in Romania, was bought by the Geology Faculty of Babes-Bolyai Faculty in Cluj-Napoca and will be able to detect the rocks’ age. The acquisition came following a European program designed to purchase high tech equipment for the university’s research projects.

The micro rock drill can “scan” a mineral or a synthetic material up to a micron depth, thus offering chemical information about the material’s composition. The device is useful both for scientists and also for the business environment.

The university experts believe that the information on the chemical composition of the mineral or synthetic substances can be used by the companies activating in the geologic or mineral exploitation fields.

So far, the age of rocks on the Romania’s territory was only guessed and many assumptions or wrong or not grounded with precise data. The rocks’ age were wrongly settled, with an error going from tens of years or even hundreds of millions of years.

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