Elena Udrea asks for the Romanian Embassy’s help for a public defender. Lover: The baby girl can be in danger

Adrian Alexandrov, Elena Udrea’s lover has said that her arrest and Alina Bica’s arrest had exposed them both, and that he is now concerned about the baby girl, as the mass media had reported the two women are rich, while there are a lot of talks about kidnapping in Costa Rica. Alexandrov added that Bica had been in audience at Interpol.

I know that Alina Bica had been in audience at Interpol. He went to the Interpol head in Costa Rica and told him where she is staying, the address, the phone number and if he needed her or Elena he could contact them. I didn’t understand the action that day (editor note: when Bica and Udrea have been remanded by Interpol). Besides, Alina and Elena have the statute of provisional refugee,” Adrian Alexandrov told Antena3 private broadcaster.

He added that, although Elena Udrea told the Interpol she has a provisional refugee document, the Interpol representatives replied to her they had not known about the existence of such document. He said that if the Interpol had been aware of this document giving Udrea the status of refugee, she would have not been arrested. Udrea’s lover said he would go to present this document to the institutions.

He also argued that the Interpol action has exposed Udrea in the mass media and now he is afraid for his and his daughter’s safety.

Everybody knows where I am living. As the press reported about them they are millionaires, I am in danger, for there are talks about kidnapping in Costa Rica, and I and the baby girl could become targets. The TV channels in Romania reported about luxury compounds where Udrea and Bica are living, luxury cars and luxury restaurants. After the Interpol action, they showed they are living in a three-room flat,” Adrian Alexandrov further said.

On the other hand, Elena Udrea has filed a request asking Romania’s Embassy in Mexico for help to benefit of a public defender, a document released by Antena 3 revealed.

Elena Udrea and Alina Bica were detained five days ago by Interpol in Costa Rica. The two, under APB warrant to serve sentences handed down by Romanian justice, were approached in the street.

Former Tourism Minister, Elena Udrea, has a final sentence of six years imprisonment, and former DIICOT chief, Alina Bica, has to serve four years in prison.

Later on, the head of the local Interpol Bureau in Costa Rica, Gustavo Chinchilla, announced that Udrea and Bica will stay under preventive arrest for two months. Read more here.

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