Elena Udrea remains in custody in Bulgaria. New deadline for the extradition request set in June

The Sofia Court of Appeal again postponed the decision on the extradition of Elena Udrea to Romania on Wednesday. Bulgarian judges have set a new deadline of June 8.

A former minister of Tourism, Elena Udrea was to find out on Wednesday if she will be brought to Romania, in order to execute the sentence of 6 years in prison, in the Gala Bute case. She has been in custody in Bulgaria for more than a month, and a court has already ruled in favor of extradition on April 19.

Elena Udrea challenged the court ruling, which was due to be tried today, but the trial was postponed again until June 8.

At today’s hearing, Elena Udrea requested that an expert who knows the conditions in the Romanian penitentiaries be heard. During the trial, Udrea challenged the conditions of detention in Romania and even said that she was threatened in prison. She expressed her desire either to remain in detention in Bulgaria or to receive political asylum in Greece.

“Almost no country in Europe is sending convicts back to Romania because of prison conditions,” Elena Udrea said as she left the courtroom, according to Digi 24.  She claimed she was “illegally arrested”.

However, the Bulgarian magistrates also rejected the medical documents submitted to the court by Elena Udrea’s lawyers. The judges said that these documents do not indicate that remaining in custody will accentuate the medical problems she has.

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  • Mr Rearguard

    I hope she suffers in jail.