EUR 1 M ransom for Kuwaiti businessman gone missing in Romania in 2015

The family of the Kuwaiti businessman gone missing in Cheia, Prahova county three years ago has announced in a press conference on Wednesday it will give EUR 1 million ransom those who will provide clues to find the man. The ransom is valid only for a month.

Mohammed Albaghli’s family said it is willing to give EUR 1 million as ransom, which will be valid only for the month of August.

To better encourage the people to give us information to find out what happened to our father, the ransom will increase to EUR 1 million during one single month, in August,” the family said.

After August, the ransom will be maintained to EUR 500,000, as offered in the first place.

Kuwaiti-born millionaire Mohammed Albaghli, has been gone missing on August 5, 2015 in Romania. The last time he was seen was in Cheia, Prahova county, where the businessman has a vacation home. The last time he was seen was when he had gone out for a walk.

Ever since, the Romanian and Kuwaiti authorities have teamed up to conduct searches, but with no results so far.

We wonder how come no hint has been found yet and this case has not been solved in such a small town as Cheia, having only some hundreds inhabitants, where everybody know one another, while in other large cities, with millions of inhabitants, perpetrators are found and cases are solved? We think investigation must focus on Cheia locality and particularly on the spot where my brother had gone missing,” the businessman’s brother, Ibrahim Albaghli, said last year.

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