Ex-president Basescu denounces the lack of protection in protocol residence, holds PM Ponta responsible for potential incidents

Former president Traian Basescu on Tuesday informed the government he is willing to move in the protocol residence assigned on Gogol street after June 15, but warned that several requirements are not met, such as the tenants’ protection, also asking for an office in a different location. He said that PM Ponta would be account for potential incidents.

In an official letter, Basescu said he had been informed by the Protocol State Agency (RA-APPS) that revamping works of the Gogol villa had been concluded. He said he had visited the building, but he found out that the location did not comply with the requirements asked by the law, as it had major deficiencies that prevent it from being an official protocol residence.

The former Romanian President pointed out the building doesn’t have room for an office, where he could work with at least one adviser and one secretary. According to Basescu, the villa doesn’t either have a guest hall or a garage, while the building doesn’t provide the physical protection and intimacy for him and his family. He argues there is a four-storied block of flats right near the villa and anyone in this building could watch the persons living there.

“I warn you that, due to these reasons, the entire responsibility for potential events and incidents that might occur (trespass, house breaking, affecting the safety of me and my family) belongs to RA-APPS and to the Government through Victor Viorel Ponta , Ion Moraru (Gov’t secretary general) and to Darius Valcov (former Finance Minister) as signatories of the Gov’t resolution 60/2015,” Basescu wrote.

The former president asks to be assigned with another location to set up his office, pointing for an apartment on Mihai Eminescu street. He also asked for two parking lots in the RA-APPS garage located near his villa on Gogol street.

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