Ex-president Basescu questions prosecutors’ impartiality in Nana file

Former president Traian Basescu posted on Facebook on Saturday that he feels sorry for the 127 families in Nana commune that have they agricultural lands sequestered, saying these families are taking the consequences of some political actions against him.

“I am sorry for the 127 families from Nana commune that have a restrain upon the agricultural lands restored during 1996-2010. Mainly, these families are taking the consequences of some political actions against me”, Basescu argued.

He admitted “ there could be some illegalities in the restitution process”, but added “the justice will decide that and those guilty will pay.”

“I hope this kind of investigations is undertaken in the entire country, starting for example with Vrancea and Timis counties. Ioana Basescu bought 290.4 hectares of land in Nana from an Italian company in October 2013, based on the legal documents in the real estate register, in good faith. How come for three years that the Italian company was owning the lands no investigation was made?”, Basescu wondered.

In retort, the Prosecutor’s Office said it is regrettable that a former president doubts the prosecutors’ independence and impartiality, a thing that could affect the justice’s credibility. The Prosecutor’s Office also asked the Superior Council of Magistracy to defend the magistrates.

Prosecutors ordered the setting of sequester on 147 land titles, including the ones belonging to Ioana Basescu a few days ago. They also informed that Ioana Basescu, the daughter of former president Traian Basescu, is a witness in the so-called Nana file in which prosecutors are investigating the land purchase in Calarasi County.

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