Ex-president’s brother, Mircea Basescu sued Romania at ECHR

Former President Basescu’s brother, Mircea Basescu filed a complaint at the European Court of Human Rights (ECHR), claiming his right for freedom and for a fair trial has been broken, according to his lawyer.

Mircea Basescu asks the ECHR to decide if the Romanian magistrates had made a fair judgment when overruled his request for release. Moreover, lawyer Nicu Tasca argues that Mircea Basescu’s right for a fair trial was also broken.

In early November the Constanta Tribunal accepted the anti-corruption directorate’s appeal to Mircea Basescu’s release on parole, ruled by the Medgidia Court, so the former president’s brother was not released on parole anymore. Judges argued that he could not prove that the sentence of four years in prison reached its preventive goal, considering that seven months of the sentences were spent on house arrest.

A new request for release can be filed on February 1, 2017.

Mircea Basescu has served one third of the 4-year sentence for influence peddling in the file he is charged with receiving EUR 600,000 as bribe from Sandu Anghel’s family. He has spent only four months behind bars. Now he is imprisoned at Poarta Alba Penitentiary, with the sentence to run out on June 10, 2019.

The DNA prosecutor has requested the maximum sentence for Mircea Basescu, even if the latter pleaded not guilty and asked for acquittal.

Judges upheld in the same file the ruling of Constanta Court in the case of Marian Căpăţână and sentenced him to 3 years imprisonment for complicity in influence peddling.

The court also ordered the confiscation of EUR 265,000 from Marian Căpăţână but also lifted the seizure of property set for Mircea Basescu.

The two were in custody and in home arrest during July 19, 2014-June 24, 2015.

On the other hand, the court rejected as unfounded the request made by Florin Anghel (son of Sandu Anghel – our note) to refund the sum of EUR 600,000 that family members claimed they allegedly given as bribe to Mircea Basescu to intervene to obtain a favourable decision in Bercea Mondial’s file.

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