Extensive NATO drills in Romania. Traffic slowed on several national roads due to the military vehicles

Road traffic will be difficult at the end of the week on several roads and highways due to the move of military columns in a NATO exercise on the territory of Bulgaria, Greece and Romania, the Romanian Police has announced.

In June, the NATO NOBLE JUMP 2017 (NOJP17) exercise will take place on the territory of Bulgaria, Greece and Romania, with the final destination at the ‘Getica’ National Training Centre in Cincu, digi24.ro reports.

Thus, from Thursday to Sunday, on several roads in the country, traffic could be more difficult due to the deployment of military columns.

On June 1, during 9.00h-20.00h, the military columns will travel on the Giurgiu-Bucharest route (E85), on June 2, during 00:01h-18: 00h will travel on the Bucharest-Pitesti route (A1) -Râmnicu Vâlcea (E81)-Sibiu (Oltului Valley)-Cincu, on June 3, 09:00h-17: 00h, on Giurgiu-Bucharest (E85) route, and on June 4, 2017: 00:00h-15.00h, on Bucharest-Piteşti (A1) -Râmnicu Vâlcea (E81)-Sibiu (Oltului Valley)-Cincu.

Police officers recommend the people who travel on these routes to drive with great care and to follow the instructions and signals of the police.

About 4,000 Romanian soldiers and from NATO member states will participate, with 500 technical means, in the NOBLE JUMP 2017 (NOJP17) multinational exercise that begins on Friday and runs until June 16.

Most of the foreign troops will arrive from Albania, Germany, the United Kingdom, Norway, the Netherlands, Poland and Spain by air, and the heavy equipment will be transported by sea and rail, followed by the convoy on the route Greece-Bulgaria-Romania, to the National Centre for Training ‘Getica’ in Cincu.

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