Extra 450 Romanian soldiers to serve in Afghanistan starting next year

President Traian Basescu informed on Wednesday he approved the increase of Romanian contribution to Afghanistan with maximum 450 military officers starting next year. They are to unfold protection missions in the Kandahar airport’s neighborhood. “At present, Romania has 200 militaries deployed for the Resolute Support mission who will train Afghan forces in 2015 and, at the same time, by today’s memorandum, we also assume the mission of protecting forces at Kandahar Airport and near it, which means there will be more 420 soldiers added to the 200 ones and they will start their mission on March 2015”, Basescu announced.

He explained that, besides the 420 NCOs, other 20 ones will be sent to Afghanistan to provide with the logistics services as well as a nine soldiers backup in case logistics department needs further expansion.

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