F-35 fighter jets, sent by the USA to Romania

Two F-35 Lightning II aircraft of the European Air Force (USAFE) landed on Thursday, February 24, around 3 pm, in the 86th Air Base “Lieutenant Aviator Gheorghe Mociorniță” from Borcea, from where they will conduct upcoming missions and joint trainings with soldiers and aircraft of the Romanian Air Force, announces the Ministry of National Defense.

“The main goal e of joint training missions is to increase interoperability between NATO allies, and joint air police missions contribute to the development of responsiveness and deterrence. At the same time, these missions represent a concrete proof of the high level of cooperation in the field of security and defense within the Strategic Partnership between Romania and the United States of America and send a strong message of solidarity between allies”, according to the Ministry of Defense.

Following Russia’s attack on Thursday, the United States sent F-16 planes from the Aviano base in Italy to Romania’s airspace. At the same time, US and NATO allies have constantly flown over Romania, fueling both fighter jets and American drones flying over the area.

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