Face mask mandatory in Bucharest as well, in certain outdoor spaces

The face mask will become mandatory in Bucharest in new outdoor spaces as of tomorrow, August 4. It has been compulsory only in the Capital’s Old Town, but citizens will also have to wear it in other open-air crowded areas such as at the market, fairs, in the bus and tram stations, railway stations, but also in the taxi. The decision has been taken by the Bucharest’s Municipal Committee for Emergency Situations today.

The face masks are also mandatory in the case of open-air events, with organizers being compelled to provide mask for the spectators.

Participants to open-air events have to wear the face mask during the entire event, from the entry into the area till the exit.

Bucharest deputy mayor Aurelian Badulescu was the one who had proposed that pedestrians should wear face masks also in the Bucharest’s Old Town when they are walking, not at the terraces, but the committee has extended the measure to several other open-air spaces in the Capital.

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