False alarm announcing plane crash in Iasi. Man who called 112, fined

Local authorities in Iasi have been on high alert on Thursday night following call announcing a plane crash. The incident proved to be a false alarm and the man who has initially reported it was fined.

A 112 call announced a plane crash in Iasi county on Thursday night. Authorities activated the code red intervention plan and went the rounds, searching every corner of the area described by the man. After more than three hours of searchers, the rescue teams realized it had been a false alarm.

The 60-year-old man from Macaresti village, 40km away from Iasi, told authorities that he saw a big size plane crashing in the area. “It was a round red circle and the plane was going down, crashing,” the man told 112.

Over 50 firemen and doctors, with over 20 fire trucks, SMURD ambulances, and extrication vehicles went on the site, searching 80 km around Iasi. The panic has been fueled by other two witnesses who claimed they had seen the same thing.

The saviors also talked to the Border Police for the signaled place was not far away from the border with Moldova and also with ROMATSA, which didn’t confirm the crash.

We haven’t identified any possible spot of the accident in the entire area. Nobody who said they had seen this plane don’t say they had seen a fire or smoke or any other effects of a possible accident,” the SMURD Iasi head said.

The code red has been withdrawn at 2 a.m., but a medical crew remained in the area on the off-chance.

The man who called 112 and reported the alleged plane crash was fined for false alert on Tuesday, with RON 1,000.

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