Fatal errors in the drug addict driver: The police could withhold license even without a drug test, car did not have RCA insurance

Police officer Marian Godină claims that the agents who stopped Vlad Pascu for control before killing the two youngsters had the legal right to take him to forensic medicine for the collection of biological samples even if they did not have a drug test at hand and could – withholds his license. According to information obtained by Digi24, the police officers who stopped the young man did not have a drug test device and called the dispatcher to ask for one, but they did not receive it. In addition, a check of the car driven by the young man, a collector’s model, shows that the vehicle had expired compulsory RCA insurance.

The law allows a person to be taken to the institute of forensic medicine for the collection of biological samples, if the police officers cannot do the alcohol or drug test on the spot, and if the result shows signs of alcohol or prohibited substance consumption, the traffic police can withdraw the driver’s license until the next day, says Marian Godină.

According to information obtained by Digi24, the police officer who stopped Vlad Pascu called the dispatcher and asked for a drug test after finding drugs in the young man’s car, but was told that the police did not have such a device at hand (although there were 15 devices in Constanța county at the time). We remind you that after the young man was stopped and taken to the police station on the night of August 18/19, he was released without a drug test, but only a breath test (which came out negative). Just an hour after he was released and after – according to the head of IPJ Constanța – he allegedly consumed cocaine and other drugs, he drove into a group of young people, killing two of them.

Another detail that was not taken into account by the police: the car driven by the young man, a classic Mercedes model, had the mandatory RCA insurance issued. The check of the car in the database with the mandatory auto civil liability insurance concluded on the territory of Romania shows that the car’s RCA insurance expired on June 24, 2023, i.e. for almost two months. Drivers found in traffic with an expired RCA policy are fined and their receipt and registration plates are withheld until they become legal.

The driver’s parents had their first stance yesterday, claiming they are not trying to “absolve” their son from responsibility.

Miruna and Mihai Pascu, the parents of the 19-year-old boy, reacted through a statement sent to HotNews.ro, in which they say that they are trying to find a balance and offer their support for the necessary medical treatments “to come to the aid of hard-pressed families” . They state that there are no words to express their pain and shock caused by this tragedy in which their son was involved, that they understand that nothing can replace a child.

“We seek to find a balance and we want to offer our support and support for the necessary medical treatments to come to the aid of hard-pressed families. We are not trying to absolve our son from the rigors of the law, we are aware of the implications this tragedy will have on his life and we are not trying to shield him from responsibility for his actions”, the parents of the 19-year-old boy state, adding that their soul is desolate and that they live in boundless suffering.

On the other hand, Cătălin Ştefan Dragomir, the father of the 20-year-old girl killed in the May 2nd accident caused by a young man who had consumed drugs, says that he fears that “a cover-up might be attempted”, but that he trusts the judiciary.

“I have this suspicion that a cover-up could be attempted, but I trust the judiciary and the law enforcement officers. I really don’t want to disappoint me and all the parents who have children”, said Cătălin Ştefan Dragomir, the father of the 20-year-old girl killed in the accident.“I, if I had suffered the same thing at a filter, not necessarily that someone would have reported me in traffic, and the substances had been found in my vehicle, the same substances, the same amount, I would have left that place ? Can someone from the police answer me about this, this thing? I think we still have two laws – one in which we escape because we have knowledge and the second in which we have to pay for what we do,” accused Roberta’s father.

Driver Vlad Pascu, aged 19, had been stopped by the police the same night and but then he was allowed to leave, although drugs were found on him and the car did not have RCA insurance. He left the police headquarters without being tested for drugs, and an hour later he caused the tragedy.

Vlad Pascu had been stopped by the police the same night he entered a group of eight young people with a Mercedes convertible car, on May 2. Drugs were found in his car, he was taken to Police headquarters and tested for alcohol, but not for drugs. He was allowed to leave around 04:30, and at 05:25 he caused the accident in which he killed Roberta Marina (20 years old) and Sebastian Andrei Olariu (21 years old), both being students at the Faculty of Geography of the University of Bucharest.

Driver, caught with cannabis at 13 years old. He had two drug possession cases, both dismissed

Vlad Pascu, the 19-year-old who killed two people with a car driven under the influence of drugs, had two cases for the possession and consumption of cannabis (marijuana), both classified, the Directorate for the Investigation of Organized Crime and Terrorism announced on Tuesday ( DIICOT). The first time he was caught with drugs at the age of 13, the file was closed because “a minor who has not reached the age of 14 is not criminally responsible”.

DIICOT announced on Tuesday, in a press release, that it had opened on August 19 “a criminal case in which investigations are being carried out regarding the act of possession, without the right, of dangerous drugs, for personal consumption, prev. of art. 4 para. 1 of Law 143/2002”, in the case of the young man who killed two people with his car, while under the influence of drugs.

This stage does not signify the formulation of accusations against a person/s, but establishes the procedural framework necessary to gather the evidence for the correct and complete establishment of the state of facts to allow the adoption of a legal and thorough solution in the case“, the DIICOT press release also states , which states that it cannot provide additional information at the moment.

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    When parents give so much pocket money to children, they can easily bye the Drugs and fall into the loop. Add a car as a present at that age and this is what happens.