Financial Constraints and Money Management Challenges for 52% of the Romanian Gen Z

In a present where artificial intelligence promises a simplified life and focus on the things that matter, young Romanians are increasingly affected by financial constraints and the stress of responsibilities, according to the study Insights PulseZ, 2023-2024 edition. Although the pressure of responsibilities is a daily problem for Generation Z, only 7% of young people turn to specialist support when going through stressful times, while 4% do not turn to anyone.

Generation Z, or “Gen Z”, includes people born between the mid-1990s and the mid-2000s, with the approximate boundaries from 1997 to 2012.

Insights PulseZ is the largest study dedicated to Generation Z, conducted annually by the organization Romanian Business Leaders (RBL), within the national program “I want to be an Entrepreneur” (VSFA).

The market research agency MKOR collected and analyzed the responses of over 1200 young people in Romania. The objectives of the study are to discover the state of generation Z youth, online behavior, consumer behavior, needs, occupational preferences, interest in entrepreneurship, sustainability, motivations in personal and professional life.

Music, the main form of relaxation for Generation Z

Young Gen Zers say they face more challenges with money and responsibilities every day. At the top of the challenges are financial constraints and the difficulty of saving (52%), but also stress and the pressure of responsibilities (45%). Only 4% of them stated that they do not face any of the listed challenges.

When it comes to managing the stress of everyday life, Generation Z generally turns to 3 methods.

According to the study, when feeling overwhelmed by stress and the pressure of everyday challenges, most young people (51%) listen to music to relax.

Also, a significant portion (38%) prefer to chat with a friend, and others (35%) choose to chat with a family member. Relaxing activities such as reading a book, outdoor activities or practicing mindfulness and/or yoga are effective ways to reduce daily stress for about 15% of Generation Z.

1 out of 2 young Romanians are motivated by financial gains

50% of young people confessed that what motivates them is to be financially independent, but not at any cost, being also concerned about their own health (49%). Personal fulfillment (41%), but also career success (31%) are among the top concerns, with a small difference. Furthermore, as they grow older and most likely in professional experience, Gen Z prioritizes relationships with family and friends (personal fulfillment) over career success.

Mental and physical health, family relationships and financial security are the most important aspects of everyday life for young people, regardless of age. However, depending on the stage of life they are in, they put more emphasis on different social, entertainment or educational aspects.

Thus, friends, social life, online or face to face, moments of relaxation and fun are the most important for the youngest (16-18 years). At the age of 19-21, at the beginning of their career or student life, young people begin to value education, but also volunteering experiences. Instead, for the 22-24 year olds, the relationship with the loved one becomes important.

“Gen Z is a generation that emphasizes health, relationships and financial security. The PulseZ 2023 study shows that financial independence is an important goal for Gen Z, but not at any cost. Young people are concerned about their own health, physical and mental. They also focus on relationships with family and friends, and as they get older, Gen Zers begin to value personal fulfillment even more. More aware of themselves and their needs, Gen Z can have a positive impact on society, being concerned about issues such as health, the environment and work-life balance. Furthermore, sustainability is an aspect that can no longer be neglected by the 16-24 segment,” said Geanina Ioan, CEO of Chilli Ideas, one of the partners who supported the PulseZ study from the beginning.

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