First death following the August 10 rally? Criminal file opened in Teleorman County. DSU claims the man suffered from chronic illnesses

Teleorman County policemen were notified on Monday by the Alexandria hospital representatives about the death of a 62-year-old man who felt sick after the rally on August 10 in Bucharest.

Teleorman Police spokeswoman, Teodora Dragole, said the policemen were notified by the Alexandria hospital representatives.

The investigators have ordered a necropsy to determine the cause of death, informs.

“A 62-year-old man from Turnu Magurele has died on the night of August 19 to August 20. This morning, our colleagues have opened a criminal file to determine the cause of death. The investigation is conducted under the coordination of the Prosecutor’s Office upon the Alexandria District Court,” the police representative said.

In turn, the Director of Alexandria Hospital, Valentina Roibu, said the medical unit’s representatives have called for an investigation to be made so that there was no suspicion.

“We’ve called on the Legal Service and the Police in order to avoid any suspicion, to see what it was. We had no requests from the family, and the family did not tell us anything,” the hospital representative said.

She added that the patient’s condition was degraded.

“The patient came to the guard room of Turnu Magurele Hospital with vomiting, bleeding and was sent to our hospital. He was hospitalized in the Intensive Care Unit, where he had maximum treatment, by observing the entire protocol. On August 19, he had a cardio-respiratory arrest, he did not respond to resuscitation manoeuvres and has died. The patient was in a rather critical condition,” Valentina Roibu said.

Local sources said the man had fainted following the tear gas action at the Victory Square rally, more than a week ago. The man reportedly had a severe nasal and mouth haemorrhage, and since then his health has worsened.

The man suffered from chronic illnesses, Emergency Situation Department says

Ilie Gazea, the 62-year-old man who felt sick after attending the Diaspora protest on August 10, in Victoriei Square and died last night at Alexandria County Emergency Hospital, suffered from chronic illnesses such as hypertension, the Department for Emergency Situations (DSU), informs in a post on the Facebook page. According to the DSU, Ilie Gazea came to one of the SMURD ambulances at the site, having epistaxis (nosebleed) and refused to be taken to hospital, under a signature, after receiving first aid.

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