First two people remanded following the violence in Victoriei Square Friday night

Following the hearings after the violence in Victoriei Square Friday night, the prosecutors have decided, Saturday night, to remand two men, charging them with outrage and the disturbing of public order. They are to be sent to court for preventive arrest.

The prosecutors with the Prosecutor’s Office upon the Bucharest Court are 24 and 30 years old.

‘Adevarul’ newspaper claims Liviu Cojocea (30) and Claudiu Andrei Dobre (24), both from Bucharest, are supporters of a Bucharest football team, FCSB specifically.

The FCSB football club has issued a release on Facebook to delimit itself from the two supporters investigated, and claims they are supporters of CSA Steaua, in the 4th league.

On the other hand, Gazeta Sporturilor and Digi Sport argue the two men are indeed supporters of CSA Steaua and that they’ve been in the stands to all the team’s matches recently.

The Bucharest Police say the investigations continue.

The prosecutors and the Police with the Homicide department have heard hitherto some 20 people in regard to the violence registered on Friday during the rally in Victoriei Square.

Concurrently, the recordings broadcasted by the media have also been analysed in order to identify the people that started the aggressions, Bucharest Police also inform.

Over 100,000 protesters gathered in Bucharest on Friday, in Victoriei Square for the Diaspora rally. All streets around the Government building have been blocked by the police force. The first incidents began around 4 p.m. and since then until midnight, hundreds of people needed medical care. Instigators have set on fire various areas, throwing ledges and glasses at gendarmes. In their turn, gendarmes retorted by force. Tens of innocent protesters ended up in hospital.

452 people have been injured overall (including 24 gendarmes), with 70 of them being hospitalized. Two gendarmes were beaten and their weapons stolen.

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