Flag Day marked in Romania. What does the tricolor symbolize?

Romania celebrated National Flag Day on Sunday, June 26, an event validated by law since 1998.

Flag Day was marked in several cities in Romania, in Bucharest, Iasi, Bacau, Zalau, Baia Mare, Buzau, Arad, Miercurea Ciuc, as well as by the Romanian military in the air base in Kandahar.

In Bucharest, a military ceremony was held in front of the Military Circle, with the soldiers based at the Mihai Viteazul Regiment hoisting the tricolor.

President Klaus Iohannis said that this day “gives us the opportunity to meditate on our nation’s history, as well as on the contribution every one could have in designing its future”.

According to the President’s message, the future generations must be educated “in the spirit of love for the Romanian values.”

“It should love and respect all that Romania’s Flag stands for, and to pass these noble feelings to the future generations, by educating them in the spirit of love for the Romanian values, as they are listed ever since 1848 on its folds: freedom, justice and brotherhood. I therefore send a message of gratitude to our ancestors for their sacrifice in the fight for unity and independence, as well as to the Romanians everywhere who feel proud of their belonging and of our national values,” stated Klaus Iohannis.

The tricolor’s history starts in 1834 when the ruler of the Romanian Country, Alexandru Ghica chose the tricolor as the fight flag. During the 1848 Revolution, the interim Government decided that the national flag should have three colors: blue, yellow and red.

Red is the symbol of our ancestors’ blood, urging that the love for the country and people should be as fervent as the fire of the red on the tricolor.

Yellow represents the country’s wealth, prestige and virtue, while blue is the sky blue, the serene conscience and thinking of the Romanian nation, its faith and power.

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